Feature #5 – Kelcee-Lynn Moar

What nation do you belong to? Metis

Where is your home community? My family is from Crane River. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba 

What makes you happy and inspires you? My inspiration is definitely my mother, she made everything possible on her own.

What is your proudest accomplishment? I was a wild teen, gave up on school for a couple years  and realized the importance of education so went back and completed my high school.

What is an assumption or hurtful stereotype that has been said about you? Comments about my weight.

What is a racist remark you’ve been called before? The racism I’ve experienced would be people assuming I’m white due to being so fair skinned. With that being said, people have made comments in front of me not knowing I am a Métis woman. Comments such as ‘Indian’, ‘we’re dirty’, ‘we’re alcoholic’s etc. the same racist comments everyone’s been using for the last however many years. Racism hasn’t changed and unfortunately is still around.

What can non-Indigenous folks do to educate themselves and create meaningful change?  Step out of their comfort zone and volunteer. There are hundreds of Indigenous organizations to do so, there are so many books for people to read, the list goes on.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self if you could? Don’t ever give up, as you grow older time seems to fly by take advantage of your youth.

Who is a role model you look up to and why? I have a few role models but Lorraine Morrisseau would be my top for sure . Lorraine is my grandmother. She moved from Crane River at the 18 to live in a convent alone, met my grandfather and had three children. As amazing as my grandfather is now he wasn’t around much so she raised three children on her own, worked any and every job to make things work.

You’re proud to be Indigenous because…? I’m proud to be Indigenous because I believe Indigenous people are strong and the culture and art is beautiful. I’m just proud of my heritage and where my people come from. Nothing will ever change that for me, no matter all the racism we go through I’ll still stand by and stand up for my people.

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