Feature #8 – Madion Kaatz

What nation do you belong to? Metis

Where is your home community? Winnipeg

What makes you happy or inspires you? I work with at risk youth and they inspire me every day with their resilience and ability to laugh and gain trust again.

What is your proudest accomplishment? Starting my workshops with at risk girls to talk about female empowerment and building the relationships that come with it.

What is an assumption or hurtful stereotype that has been said about you?
“You have no worries in university”, “You must get a lot of money”, “You don’t even look Métis”, “You’re like 1/8 that doesn’t even count”. 

What is a racist remark you’ve been called before? Pocahontas or have a drink, it’s in your blood.

What can non-Indigenous folks do to educate themselves and create meaningful change? Learn about how to celebrate along side and support Indigenous traditions. Help to view the culture in a beautiful and positive light rather than it be a stereotypical negativity as most of the youth I work with associate the word culture with negativity.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self if you could? I would tell my younger self that life is hard and it is going to be hard, but that’s what makes it rewarding, look at challenges as opportunities and don’t be scared to ask for help.

Who is a role model you look up to and why? Brenee brown, she is such an open minded and trauma informed individual who empowers strength and truth.

You’re proud to be Indigenous because…?  It’s a beautiful culture that accepts the ways of it’s past yet continues to be hopeful and cleansing. I strongly side with the beliefs of being connected to the earth and protecting the land of where we came from.

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